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Crime Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFWelsh s sizzling new novel, Crime, is a thrilling journey into the bright glamour of the Sunshine State and a seething underworld of utter darknessNow bereft of both youth and ambition, Detective Inspector Ray Lennox is recovering from a mental breakdown induced by occupational stress and cocaine abuse, and a particularly horrifying child sex murder case back in Edinburgh On vacation in Florida, his fianc e Trudi is only interested in planning their forthcoming wedding, and a bitter argument sees a deranged Lennox cast adrift in strip mall Florida In a seedy bar, Lennox meets two women, ending up at their apartment for a coke binge, which is interrupted by two menacing strangers After the ensuing brawl, Lennox finds himself alone with Tianna, the terrified ten year old daughter of one of the women, and a sheet of instructions that make him responsible for her immediate safetyLennox takes the girl to an exclusive marina on the Gulf coast, and quickly suspects that he has stumbled into a hornet s nest a gang or organized paedophiles, every bit as threatening as the monster that haunted him back in Edinburgh His priority is to protect the abused girl, but can the edgy Lennox trust his own instincts And can he negotiate her inappropriate sexuality as well as his own mental fragility In Crime, Welsh has written a shocking and gripping story about the corruption and abuse of the human soul and the possibilities of redemption.

  • Paperback
  • 344
  • Crime
  • Irvine Welsh
  • English
  • 13 October 2019
  • 9780224080538

About the Author: Irvine Welsh

Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFProbably most famous for his gritty depiction of a gang of Scottish Heroin addicts, Trainspotting , Welsh focuses on the darker side of human nature and drug use All of his novels are set in his native Scotland and filled with anti heroes, small time crooks and hooligans Welsh manages, however to imbue these characters with a sad humanity that makes them likable despite their obvious scumb.

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  1. João Carlos João Carlos says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFMark Todd The New York Times A narrativa de Crime come a num voo para Miami com o detective escoc s Ray Lennox a viajar com a sua namorada Trudi, em busca de uma f rias retemperadoras na Fl rida e a

  2. Stephan van der Linde Stephan van der Linde says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFRay Lennox, a character in one of my favourite novels Filth is starring in Crime Lennox is a cop, and is heading off to Miami to prepare his wedding.Tired with his nagging too posh girl, cold turkey from the booze, Ray is already bored in the plane Ray on antidepressiva, is soon starting to arguing with his to be wife He visits a friend to get some distraction This friend asks him to visit a friend of his But here starts

  3. Prakriti Prakriti says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFI was going through a breakup which I had initiated when I picked this book up There was a lot of guilt inside me, a lot of anger at the girl, a continuous feeling of nausea, and an inability to understand why am I feeling like this.Welsh s protagonist, Detective Inspector Ray Lennox showcases this extreme claustrophobia in a crazed stream of consciousness narrative Sometimes like Mar

  4. Jaslo Jaslo says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFWhat a disappointment.Seriously, I am upset.It s not just the American settingand the cynical, cruel, unfriendly gaze on American culture which I could u

  5. James Barker James Barker says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFClearly Crime was a bad choice as my first dip into Irvine Welsh s work Characters, plot, writing style all are poor And he really needs to stay away from similes His use of them was the crime that affected me the most.

  6. Manab Manab says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDF, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

  7. Ian Mapp Ian Mapp says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFDoes Welsh ever disappoint I think the worst reviews I saw for him were for Filth which I loved and this is a follow on of sorts with Ray Lennox given a much bigger role in this, which is an attempt at genre fiction.The thing that stands this book above other UK crime novels and I include Rankin, Robinson, Harvey, James and Booth in this list is the excellent characterisation.Lennox is a man barely hanging it together Unlike other leading crime fighters the effects of dealing with a horrific case such as child sex murder brings

  8. David David says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFIrvine Welsh, known best for his druggy humour, scatological bent and the gruff Scots vernacular of his characters, plays it amazingly straight and close to the vest here So close and earnest, in fact, that you can hardly believe you re reading Welsh Divested of his gnarled brogue and cleaving to genre boilerplate, however, Welsh can also be stultifyingly bland.Police officer Ray Lennox a character who makes an appearance in earlier novel Filth is on mental health leave in Miami with his fianc e, Trudy Ray is a tatt

  9. Mickey Tompkins Mickey Tompkins says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFThis was my 1st Welsh book, there were some bad reviews about this book..not sure why, I enjoyed his writing style Though this is kind of a hard book to read due to the subject matter no spoilers I really connected with the main characters and the story itself If you can handle the subject I recommend it.

  10. Logan Logan says:

    Paperback é Crime PDF ✓ crime book, CrimeCrime PDFI m fine with stories that hit just one note But I think those stories should probably not go on for too long And, for the first 125 or 150 pages or so of this 340 page book, I was engaged and involved However, it dragged and dragged and it really never became something it hadn t already been on page one I had kept reading, expecting there was going to be some kind of reveal twist as to why it kept going on in the

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