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Scars Scars PDF ✓ Paperback scars ebok, ScarsScars KindleBianca Laughlin was an average college student when she was recruited for the US government s most secretive counterterrorist agency Now, eight years later, she is finally able to integrate back into civilian life Moving back to her hometown with her assistant, Michael Kent, at her side seems easy enough But when her romantic life is forced to the side by her ever demanding job, Bianca is forced to make the toughest choice of her life.

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  1. Gabby Gabby says:

    Scars PDF ✓ Paperback scars ebok, ScarsScars KindleWow This was a very suspenseful story line What a page turner this book turned out to be Bianca s life started out ordinary, but turned into something from the movies with a not so simple decision she had to make She has a career,money than she knows what to do with, plus an assistant Who wouldn t want that right Then all the what ifs came into play It s the what ifs that can haunt you for the rest of your life Read it I can t wait to see what happens next.

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